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Food Intolerance Evaluation

A food intolerance evaluation identifies foods that may be causing inflammation in the body. If a food is not properly broken down in the digestive process it causes inflammation. This inflammation can cause local digestive distress that alerts the patient that a particular food is a problem. More frequently this inflammation migrates to wherever the body has created a pathway for inflammation. It is not uncommon for patients to experience symptoms such as headaches, eczema, joint pain, fatigue, weight gain or depression from consuming intolerant foods. Food intolerances can contribute to the worsening of any inflammatory condition, and it is common for symptoms to take several days to appear after consumption. In fact, reactions to intolerant foods can take weeks or months to accumulate and become obvious symptoms or the inflammation they create may consistently disrupt optimal body function in the absence of any outright symptomology.

This evaluation is different from food allergy testing in several ways. Food allergy testing (either skin or blood) only evaluate your immune system’s reaction to food. It can be unreliable depending on the state of the individual’s immune system. Most people can identify frank allergies as their reactions are more immediate and severe in nature. Intolerance evaluation utilizes an empirical method to measure the reaction between your blood and a list of commonly intolerant foods.

It is important to understand that inflammation is the start to all chronic disease. When beginning a routine of proper diet and nutritional supplementation it is helpful to have these intolerances identified as they can contribute to almost any symptomology. Identifying these foods enables your Stellar Health Squad to make more specific dietary recommendations that lead to a clearer path toward optimal health.

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