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The Stellar Health Squad helps
busy moms regain and retain their health
Our Squad of healthcare professionals are all moms themselves so we get it! The struggle is real and we are here to support you through all of the busy seasons so that you can come out the other end with health on your side.

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Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Della is a Naturopathic Doctor native to the Portland area. After a series of life events led her to Naturopathy, she graduated from The National College of Natural Medicine in 2010. She is also the visionary behind the creation of Stellar Health and Wellness. Click below to learn more about Dr. Della Parker


Alison is a licensed, therapeutic acupuncturist who holds a M.S in Oriental Medicine (MSOM) from the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM). She is trained in gentle styles of Japanese acupuncture and physical medicine, custom herbal medicine, flower essence therapy, and Neuro Emotional Technique.

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Stellar Health & Wellness

Where moms help moms get their groove back! We’ve been there and we get it. Our Stellar health squad is here to support you while you transform and begin to feel like your best self again!

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What customers are saying?

  • “Dr. Della Parker helped diagnose and treat me for a condition my physician previously missed. The pain did not subside even though medication continued to be prescribed. I have been going to Dr. Della Parker for years now and cannot say enough good things about her. I love going the natural route to getting healthy and will continue seeing her for as long as I live.” - L.S.
  • “Alison is an amazing acupuncturist. Her warm, gentle presence allows me to immediately relax and feel well-cared for. She has an innate ability to understand and read the body, and correct structural imbalances using very gentle and subtle treatments. I always feel restored after her treatments. Thank you, Alison!” - Lita B.
  • “Dr. Della is amazing, I was battling persistent heart palpitations, brain fog, severe anxiety, and a host of other symptoms that my regular MD just could not figure out. After a few months of working with Dr. Della many symptoms subsided, and for the past 6 months I have had hardly any heart palpitations! I also came to her with elevated Thyroid antibodies (Hashimoto's) and was able to get the antibody levels to decrease dramatically with Dr. Della's help. I will also say that it took a lot of work on my part, it wasn't like she gave me a magic pill that made it all better. I dramatically changed my diet and made other lifestyle as she suggested...the combination of her diagnoses, supplements, and my willingness to change habits has led to me feeling better than I have in a very long time. Thank you Dr. Della! I don't know what I would do without you!” - Caroline
  • “I am so grateful for Alison's skill and care. Her passion and knowledge of East Asian Medicine makes her an invaluable asset to my wellness team. Her compassionate and warmhearted presence makes me feel seen and heard. I prefer gentle styles of acupuncture, so I was pleased to find that Alison has the ability to get the results I need with treatments that are both comfortable and pleasant. I am so glad I found this practitioner!” – M.A
  • “We feel blessed to have found Dr. Parker. My husband & I have been to several naturopaths over the years, and she is by far the best. She is very thorough and detailed, and explains our health issues clearly. She has an amazing understanding of the body and how to read what is going on within. We are both feeling better & have total confidence in Dr. Parker.” - L.B.
  • “Alison has been a guide at every step as I've worked through small and large changes in service to addressing a chronic condition I'd written off as inevitable. Most importantly, Alison has supported me as I learn to recognize and access what I need, which feels like a slow process of reconnecting with myself, with the earth, and with loved ones.” – Erin G.
  • “Had the privilege of trying Naturopathy out with Dr. Della Parker and am so pleased. She was attentive and went out of her way to see me before I moved out of the Country! She also diagnosed me with a thyroid condition and gave me supplements that made all the difference!! Seriously changed my life! She listens and wants to get to the root causes of physical discomfort. So glad I tried it out!” - Candyce
  • "I have tried many acupuncturists and alternative healers in the past but couldn't find one that could truly address the dimensionality of complex trauma in my body. Alison is a one woman orchestra tuning the mind, body, and spirit with her intuitive and skillful touch to a coherent frequency of wellness. Her gentle needling approach was exactly what my body needed to feel safe enough to activate its self-healing wisdom. Beyond needles, Alison used other modalities that encouraged my body to relax. Healing never felt so good! Alison is a dynamic gifted healer." – Shayne C.
  • “I started seeing Dr. Della after years of frustration with my general MD and allergist who kept telling me I was "healthy" when really I had underlying food sensitivities and a thyroid dysfunction that went undiagnosed for YEARS. If you want to improve or maintain your health naturally and learn more about the right foods for YOUR body. I highly recommend Stellar Health & Wellness!” - Julie
  • “Dr. Della is amazing! She's a wealth of information, so easy to talk to and not afraid to think outside the box. I've been seeing her for skin and allergy issues when I started to have recurring hip pain, most likely the psoas muscle. She suggested I get a water filter as that muscle is connected to the kidney. Within a week of changing my source of water my hip pain was completely gone and my skin cleared up quite a bit too! I highly recommend going to Dr. Della if you want to feel your best! I actually look forward to my doctor appointments!” - Angelina
  • “Love Dr. Della! She has helped me SO much-- even in ways I never thought possible. I went from daily (sometimes unbearable) pain, to very manageable lower levels of pain... some day, no pain!!! It's just nice to feel like I'm winning the battle now!!! Thanks you thank you thank you!” - Shawna
  • I am so grateful for Dr. Della. I've battled eczema for decades, and feel like I've tried everything. When I started seeing her 6 months ago, I had finally stabilized at a very low level of rash, by working with two other practitioners and taking a TON of supplements, which was very expensive. With Dr. Della's ability to test exactly what was and wasn't needed, my supplements were reduced to a tiny fraction of what I'd been taking. What a relief! In addition to her nutritional counsel, I'm also using her new infrared sauna, and think it is really helping. I had read about the amazing benefits of infrared, but the good saunas are expensive (a big investment, if you don't even know it'll make a difference) so I'm over the moon to get to test it out like this "risk free"! Finally, I'm especially grateful that she continued to see patients through the COVID shutdown... her care truly was essential! Like many natural healing experiences, my symptoms went through a period of getting worse before they got better, and it would have been devastating to be stuck in that phase! Right now my skin is the best it's been in ages. I can't thank Dr. Della enough for her expertise, compassion, and commitment to her patients. - T.C.